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SureAir MAX is a liquid concentrate. It has been designed to increase its effectiveness, minimising the time it takes the atomized droplets to permeate the environment into which they are released. This provides a quicker and more intense action against unwanted odours.

Lemon - 250 ml Green Grass - 250 ml Cotton Fresh - 250 ml Bubblegum - 250 ml

Quantity Aroma Code RRP
250 ml Lemon SA-LIQ-250MS-LEM £7.39
250 ml Green Grass SA-LIQ-250MS-GRN £7.39
250 ml Bubblegum SA-LIQ-250MS-BUB £7.39
250 ml Cotton Fresh SA-LIQ-250MS-COT £7.39

SureAir MAX

Quantity Aroma Code RRP
30 ml Lemon SA-LIQ-30MS-LEM £2.00
30 ml Green Grass SA-LIQ-30MS-GRN £2.00
30 ml Bubblegum SA-LIQ-30MS-BUB £2.00
30 ml Cotton Fresh SA-LIQ-30MS-COT £2.00
30 ml Ocean Fresh SA-LIQ-30MS-OCE £2.00
30 ml Orange SA-LIQ-30MS-ORA £2.00
30 ml Natural Spray SA-LIQ-30MS-NAT £2.00
30 ml Peppermint SA-LIQ-30MS-MINT £2.00
30 ml Vanilla SA-LIQ-30MS-VAN £2.00
30 ml Strawberry SA-LIQ-30MS-STR £2.00
30 ml Lavender SA-LIQ-30MS-LAV £2.00

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